Science show

What do you get when you add together 2 psychologists, 45 minutes, 2 speakers, 1 projector, 1 stage and up to 100 people who are interested in psychology? 

The answer: PsychoBus’ science show! We carry out enthralling shows to audiences of all ages on different topics of psychology. Together we speak, show, experiment, experience, joke and learn something new about ourselves. PsychoBus’ science show is a great way to spend your time in an educating and fun way on summer or team-building events.  

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Science show for schools

Our goal is to offer our audience new and interesting theoretical and practical knowledge about a selected field of psychology during a 45-minute programme. For example, we are ready to present shows on following topics:

Practical psychology - which life hacks do people use who are familiar with the mechanisms of the brain? After learning those your life won’t be the same (in a good way)!

Memory- what is it and how to use it effectively? Is cramming the only way to study? The answer is absolutely no! :)

Psychoacoustics - visual illusions are well known, but what about auditory illusions? What’s the difference between listening and hearing? Turns out, the differences are significant...

Psychology and technology - which mechanisms are used in science to examine the brain? We begin by pen and paper but end up in a totally different reality!

DIY psychology - projectors, speakers and other technological appliances aren’t always available. But we do have our hands. Lots of interesting and psychology-related can be done only by using our body.

Virtual reality - what are those two words that keep popping up more and more often? We demonstrate VR’s theoretical aspects, its opportunities, its limits and future directions - all of it from the viewpoint of psychology.

Science show

The goal is to spend a fun and psychology-filled 45 minutes, keeping in mind the client’s interests and wishes. We adjust our shows according to the work field of the client whether it be business, law, security service, sport, music or something completely different.
Examples of different scenarios:

  • Preparing an employee for a trip to China.
  • Entertaining the guests at a midnight house party.
  • Examining the brains of choir singers at a summer camp
  • Hacking the brains of programmers at a summer event
  • Explaining the specificities of perception at an enterpreneurial training programme
  • Offering thrilling experiences on outdoor events

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